About us

The inspiration to invent Nyfasi Deluxe Detangler comes from Dr. Youmna Mouhamad. It began when she was an au pair during the final year of her Ph.D. She cared for a beautiful and intelligent girl named Hazel. Although Hazel had voluptuous, thick, and healthy 4B hair, she often wished for it to be straight. Her mother would take extra care when detangling it, yet she would cry every wash day from the pain and frustration.

Originally from Mayotte, Youmna's mother used to do her four daughters' hair every Sunday. For Youmna, haircare represents an intimate moment where women connect; it represents womanhood and sisterhood. She wanted to empower Hazel to love her hair by building joyful hair care memories. This meant alleviating the pain when detangling.

After six years working as a research engineer, Youmna had the experience and the skillset necessary to formulate the concept of the Deluxe Detangler. The start of her entrepreneurship journey was not easy. Self-doubt fears and the trauma from past experiences held her back. She was carried forward by the support of the women who took part in the product reviews and by working with a holistic life coach.

Grateful for having found inner peace, confidence, and the support of other women, Youmna wants to give back by contributing to building confident young black women by providing coaching programs.